What is 'Attraction Parenting'?

Attraction Parenting is based on a simple premise:

 Mother Nature intended parenting to be FUN! 

Despite the problems caused by our culture's negative view of human nature, our deeper nature is to be attracted to that which is good for us and our children. Nature guides us toward choices that support the survival, growth, and evolution of humankind — both physically and spiritually — through our experience of pleasure.

In parenting, the two most powerful attractors are the pleasure of unconditional love and the pleasure of authentic power. Unfortunately our culture distorts our understanding of love and power. We're led to believe that they're scarce resources — that we must earn love and fight for power.

Even worse, we're inundated with contradictory messages about pleasure itself. On the one hand, we're taught that "the pursuit of happiness" is a fundamental human right. On the other hand, society looks down on pleasure-seeking behavior and glorifies self-sacrificing behavior. No wonder we get so confused and frustrated!

In the practice of Attraction Parenting, we identify and release these confusing distortions, and we acquire skills and perspectives that allow us to harness the power of attraction according to nature's design: following our pleasure through parenthood. We understand that authentic pleasure cannot be gained at the expense of our children; nor does parental self-sacrifice give our children lasting pleasure. Attraction Parenting transforms adversarial parent-child relationships into joyful, loving, creative, empowering partnerships.

Attraction Parenting integrates the psychological concept of attraction with the metaphysical Law of Attraction in a grounded, sensible way. It's a practical, holistic approach that honors the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of every child and parent.

You will probably like Attraction Parenting if you like any of these authors' works:

  • Naomi Aldort (Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves)
  • Jan Hunt (The Natural Child)
  • Alfie Kohn (Unconditional Parenting)
  • Pam Leo (Connection Parenting)
  • Jean Liedloff (The Continuum Concept)
  • Gordon Neufeld (Hold On to Your Kids)
  • Joseph Chilton Pearce (Magical Child)
  • William & Martha Sears (Attachment Parenting)

And self-help books by authors like...

  • Esther & Jerry Hicks (Ask and It Is Given)
  • Byron Katie (Loving What Is)
  • Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth)

Perhaps most important is that Attraction Parenting is an inside-out approach. It doesn't tell parents what to do, but it helps parents connect with their authentic Inner Guidance. When parents feel connected, centered, and grounded, their children tend to move into a similar state of mind, and this leads to increased emotional intelligence and fewer difficult behaviors.

The Seven Powers of Attraction Parenting are a set of principles and strategies for creating powerful partnerships between parents and children. The Seven Powers are...

  • The Power of Acceptance
  • The Power of Alignment
  • The Power of Attunement
  • The Power of Attraction
  • The Power of Attachment
  • The Power of AND
  • The Power of Appreciation

Attraction Parenting eliminates the "need" for conventional, control-oriented, fear-based parenting. If you've resorted to coercive parenting tactics out of sheer frustration, the practice of Attraction Parenting will restore your faith in human nature. You will come to know with certainty that children are innately good, and their goodness can be fostered joyfully through unconditional love and creative partnership.

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