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The 51% Principle

On your parenting journey, remember that 100% perfection is not required for success. In fact, 51% is enough to guarantee progress.

And as a leading-edge parent, progress is success. There is no final state of perfection; you'll always be progressing.

Just as an election can be won with only 51% of the vote, you've got lots of room for error. So just relax and look for ways to emphasize and focus on what is working. :)

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Great reminder - So Grounding for me!

Thanks Scott,
I have found this to be a very very useful reminder in the sessions Ive had with you - and good to read it again here. Its stopped me giving myself such a goddamn hard time for not being able to be my own picture of the ideal parent ALL the time, an impossible thing to achieve! By offering this to myself, I can then offer heartcentred compassion to my children more easily.
Warm thoughts,

Hilary in NZ / ds 12yrs, ds 4yrs, dd 7months

Re: The 51% Principle

Like the other commenter, I needed to hear this! I am so hard on myself about all the things I don't do "right" (in parenting and other areas) but if I keep doing better I'm moving in the right direction. My kids don't need a perfect mom! (Well, they might need one but they're not going to get one.) They need a mom who loves them, listens to them, and is there for them. I've got that part down so I think I've got my 51% already.