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The Power of AND

Today we'll expand our vocabulary with a new verb: AND.

To AND means to include that which is normally excluded. When you take two things that are supposed to be exclusive, opposed, or incompatible, and put them together anyway, you are AND-ing.

Consider this situation with an exhausted parent:

"I want to take a nap, but my child wants me to play with her. One of us has to lose. It's either her or me."

To AND that situation, try this perspective:

"I want to take a nap, AND my child wants me to play with her. Both of us can win. Both her and me."

AND-ing is an act of faith, because initially you don't know how both sides will experience a win. But you trust that in a Universe of infinite possibility, there must be a way.

AND-ing opens your creative channels and makes you susceptible to inspiration. And before you know it, you and your child are playing a game called "Sleeping Giant." :)

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Re: The Power of AND

This is so simple and yet so important! It is applicable not only to parenting, but also to the rest of life, both in interactions with other people and with "conflicting" needs/desires within myself. I want to be healthier but I want to enjoy chocolate. Maybe there's a way to be healthier AND enjoy chocolate!