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Children and the Law of Attraction (Part 1)

According to the Law of Attraction, you create your own experience by how you focus your thoughts.

It's easy to see how young children do this in imaginative play, creating adventures out of thin air, or needing "protection" from imagined monsters. But what about babies who have birth defects or are abused? Are they attracting those experiences?

Obviously children don't want to suffer, and using Law of Attraction as an excuse to "blame the victim" would represent a tragic misunderstanding of the principle. Compassion is always the most enlightened response.

There is, however, a way of understanding how the Law of Attraction relates to children's suffering: by taking the perspective that we are spiritual beings, each having a unique human experience.

When you look at suffering from the broader perspective of the child's spiritual aspect — which transcends time and space, life and death — you can begin to see why s/he might intentionally create such experiences. (We'll look into that in Part 2.)

For today, have fun noticing the many ways your child creates joy by focusing on his or her desires... So simple!

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