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Children and the Law of Attraction (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

Imagine you're a "pre-incarnated" spirit desiring a human experience, and you get to choose the environment you'll be born into: culture, class, parents, gender, body condition, etc. What kind of life would you be attracted to?

It'd be a bit like deciding what kind of movie to see. You might feel like taking in a light comedy, or perhaps you feel like getting swept up in a scary adventure! Either way, you know it's "just a movie." And even though you want the movie to be so engaging that you forget you're in a theater, you trust that when the lights come back on you'll be yourself again — safe and sound.

Of course, no child would ever choose suffering, but can you see how, from your broader spiritual perspective, you might want the intense contrast that gives rise to strong desires?

For example, your passion for respectful parenting probably exists because you experienced (or witnessed) a lot of disrespectful parenting when you were a child. So you might say it served a purpose, in the Big Picture.

Does that justify a child's suffering? From the child's human perspective, absolutely not! But perhaps it serves a purpose that the child's "Higher Self" understands and appreciates.

However, when you feel inspired to relieve a child's suffering, don't hesitate to act! You can be sure the child attracted your help.

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Life is good...

Here's an inspiring letter sent to me in response to this topic. (I have the author's permission to share it, along with her first name.)

Her words illustrate the human capacity to transform and extract valuable wisdom from traumatic experiences. If you, too, were abused as a child, please know that this isn't being presented as the way you "should" think and feel about your past; it's one of many valid ways.

And to all of you who are, like me, fallible parents who sometimes fail to live up to our own standards of parenting, I hope the following gives you hope that your kids really can create (attract) a very good life, in spite of — perhaps even because of — your fallibility...

Dear Scott,

I have experience with what you shared [in "Children and the Law of Attraction"], as an abuse survivor myself. When I first started doing personal transformation work over 17 years ago (before the birth of my first son), at some point in my healing, I pondered the notion that we choose our parents. I thought, "Why the heck would I have chosen my parents? Why wouldn't I have chosen loving, giving, healthy parents?" Well, after 17 years of transformation, including 15 years of sobriety, I know the answer (have known for many years actually).

I am the person I am today because of the experiences that led me here, including the child abuse that I wouldn't wish on anyone (and have successfully kept from passing on to my own two boys, by the way). There are positive traits I carry that are a direct result of my abuse and healing work. I am compassionate, loving, and understanding, in ways that might not be possible if I hadn't first suffered the trauma I did.

I love the person I have become. I am glad I chose the parents I did. I forgive them for hurting me, having compassion for how hard it is to break the cycle of abuse. They were abused as children and they didn't know how to parent any better. They didn't have the help I've gotten to do things differently.

Life is good.
in peace and love,

Re: Children and the Law of Attraction (Part 2)

That is a great story and shows that any situation can be used to bring more happiness and love into the world.

The key factor I see in many of these situations is the drive for the person to be better than they are.

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Re: Children and the Law of Attraction (Part 2)

Thank you for a wonderful article. You make some very powerful points.
Our experiences do tend to shape us.. there is always a reason..

Thank you,
Donna DeVane

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