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Contraction vs. Expansion

Pretend you're in an acting class and your assignment is to use "body language" to convey any negative emotion: shame, resentment, worry, depression, etc. (Go ahead and do it now...)

How did your body shift? Most likely it contracted in some way — tensing, drooping, clenching, tightening, etc.

Now pretend your assignment is to convey pure love, joy and enthusiasm... Can you feel your body expanding? Don't those emotions make you want to outstretch your arms like you're giving the whole Universe a hug!?

Your real assignment for today is to do the above in reverse: constantly check in with your body and notice whether you're feeling more expansive or contractive.

Expansion indicates you're moving into alignment with your Authentic Self — you're on your way to bliss!

Contraction indicates you're moving out of alignment — you need to stop whatever you're doing and reach for thoughts that make you feel more expansive.

Gradually raise your standard until you become "addicted" to feeling expansive! :)

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Positive Posturing

In a moment when my child is doing or saying something I don't like, I notice my posture, open it up, and respond from that space. Whether or not it creates changed behavior in my child, I choose to continue noticing and opening up my posture. I do this, not until his behavior changes, but until I feel confident I am holding a loving resonance for myself and my child, no matter what.