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"I Didn't Sign Up For This!"

Living in an anti-pleasure culture — where sacrifice and toil are glorified while pleasure-seeking is disdained — we've been conditioned to tolerate unpleasant states like boredom and confinement.

But such states feel bad for a reason: they suck! :)

So if you find a particular aspect of parenting boring or confining, don't tolerate it! Instigate a personal revolution and proclaim...


You didn't intend to suffer through parenthood. You wanted to bring more joy into the world. Love and joy: THAT'S what you signed up for!

With that awareness, you can set a new standard. Raise the bar. Don't settle for tolerable unpleasantness. If you can't see a more pleasing way to proceed, just be still, remember your true intentions, and be open to inspiration.

This is not about having zero tolerance for your child. It's not about your child at all! It's about listening to your Inner Guidance and honoring it.

When you honor your Guidance, it honors you and your child.

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Some time ago I received a complaint from a reader who criticized my above use of the work suck. Today I happened to find an article about the word, which I will now recommend to any future readers who find their fathers ruffled by my informal prose...

Suck It Up: A defense of the much-maligned word

Enjoy! :)