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Easing Exhaustion from Within

Resistance is holding onto thoughts that block your experience of Well-Being. Worry, frustration, resentment, annoyance, etc. — all are manifestations of resistance.

Clinging to resistant thoughts takes a lot of energy — energy that could be easing your path.

Ironically, parents often complain about (i.e., resist) not getting enough sleep. When you resist that condition, the resistance drains your energy, causing you to need even more sleep!

Of course it's good to get as much rest as you can when you're exhausted. But you can also balance the equation from the inside by releasing the resistance that creates the stress that makes you tired — including your resistance to tiredness itself.

Today (and tonight) notice how you talk and think about sleep and rest. Gently release any thought that feels stressful. Imagine that every time you release a resistant thought, it's like giving yourself an hour of sleep. :)

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Sleep and resistance

The whole resistance thing around sleep is spot on for me, anyway. For example, I have found that to allow my 3yo son to "procrastinate" between steps in the bedtime routine (snack, teeth brushing, pajamas etc) is fine. We allow time for the procrastination, and the fact that I no longer resist it, in fact means that it takes less time. As soon as I resist, he pushes back, and it takes longer (and is less pleasant).

I've also found that if I'm anxious for him to nap for whatever reason (eg I really want to get something done at a certain time during his nap) then he simply cannot fall asleep, even if I think I'm not showing outward signs of anxiety. I haven't yet figured out how not to feel the anxiety unfortunately....

It's an inside job

I haven't yet figured out how not to feel the anxiety...

Believe me, you don't want to NOT feel it; that's called "going numb"! You need the feeling to tell you that your energy is being drained by resistance.

I think you probably meant that you haven't figured out how to release the resistance that causes the anxiety. I suggest you try the approach suggested in my recent post, Emotional Midwifery.