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Seeing Eye To Eye

As an adult, it's easy to forget how you felt when you were little. So getting down to your child's level can do wonders for your empathic connection.

When you kneel or sit down on the ground close to your child, you see what s/he sees — you literally "see eye to eye." This can be especially comforting for a younger child who normally stands like a diminutive sprout in a forest of towering elders. The move is felt as a gesture of respect and partnership.

Today, look for opportunities to get down low with your child and see a kid's-eye view of life. You can do it to enhance your connection to each other, or to restore harmony when a conflict has erupted.

When you consistently demonstrate that you understand and appreciate your child's point of view, s/he'll be more receptive to seeing yours.

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Digital Eyes and Third Eyes

Christine H. emailed me this insightful story:

I gave my 2.5 year old our digital camera to keep him busy taking pictures on our vacation. He was a master photographer in minutes... and it's quite amazing to see what he takes pictures of. This really helped me see what he sees through his world — his kids-eye view of life as you say.

I already admire him so much more for being able to function so well at his height in this world. It's something that parents forget easily — everything is designed for our height and it's easy to get lost in a 'sea of knees'.

And Barbara C. shared this gem:

One other benefit for sitting or kneeling down to a child's level is that it helps to match up the chakras between you (the adult) and the child. Usually when an adult is standing in front of a child, their third chakra is directly facing the child's head. The implication of this is that the adult's will is directed toward the child's visioning center, and can over-power the child.

When the chakras are lined up, there is more of an opportunity to resonate with each other heart-to-heart or eye-to-eye, even will-to-will.

And Diana, a gifted intuitive, wrote:

Another way of bringing more empathy and balance is, as an adult, to live lovingly in your whole body, including the feet. This tends to soothe animals and children because they feel loved and close to you even though your face is so high and far away.