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Leading-edge Parenting Requires Faith

Parenting on the leading edge — nonviolently, unconditionally, creatively — is an act of faith.

There's no guarantee that it will "work," and there's no shortage of naysayers who are quick to tell you it will NOT work.

Blind faith is believing what others tell you, but authentic faith is trusting your Inner Guidance, a.k.a. intuition, inspiration, instincts, or gut feelings.

For this style of parenting to work, you have to (a) stay checked in with your Guidance, (b) follow it, and (c) accept that it takes time for inner changes to be reflected in outer conditions (including children's behavior).

Fortunately, practicing the Art of Unconditionality means you don't have to wait for those outer changes to enjoy parenting now!

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feeling the faith

It is a wonderful thing to have faith. I have only just recently been
doing the unschooling philosophy, and it does indeed take faith to
swim upstream, since most of us were *schooled* the whole time
that we were getting our education and growing up. An act of faith
indeed, since our practice of unschooling isn't going upstream at all
but really we are going with the flow ;-)

Over the weekend while playing with my son Dairbhre (DAR-bree),
I was blessed by two experiences that really made my day/week:
we reached a point in our play where we played without any leader
or follower, just a tag-you-pick-it arrangement as our play was
unfolding; and later in the day, when Dairbhre did his usual trick of
going for something that has previously been called a no-no, I just
kept playing and said "I want it" (when he has something, a cookie,
a piece of fruit, whatever, this is a trigger for him to play keep-
away with it) and reached out for it just like he had: he laughed
at me and waved me from it saying "No no no no no, Da Da."

This was all so precious and cute and precious-er still that I just
fell over laughing and hugging him to me hard.
I just had to squeeze him.

In a zen way, having authentic faith is a virtuous and beatiful thing
- in and of itself, but for those of us not practicing spiritual
philosphy in a mountain retreat, it is even sweeter still to have
that faith and get to see it bear fruit right before my very eyes -

and may the flow keep on a-flowin like the breeze!!!