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"I'm Not A Frog-Boiler!"

When you reject authoritarian, coercive parenting in favor of non-punitive, pleasure-oriented parenting, critics and naysayers will warn you that your child won't be able to cope in the "real" world.

The assumption is that "it's a jungle out there" and we should gradually toughen up our kids and get them used to suffering so they won't be shocked when they venture out into the big, bad world.

It's like that famous experiment where they tossed a healthy frog in boiling water and it leaped right out. But if they put the frog in cool water and raised the temperature gradually over several days, the frog would be able to adjust and stay in the water.

The slow boil seems more humane, but that "well-adjusted" frog eventually died from the heat! Whereas the non-adjusted frog's intact sensitivity protected it from being boiled.

Today, look for evidence that your child's sensitivity is intact (i.e., reacting to unwanted conditions) and be grateful for it! Tell yourself, "My child will never get boiled!"

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