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Infinite Love

Everyone knows 1+1=2. But what is infinity plus one? It's still infinity! In other words, infinity doesn't play by the rules of simple math.

To love unconditionally, you have to play the infinity game. You have to transcend the zero-sum game that says love is scarce.

You have to question the belief that every time you give love to your child, less love is available to your other child... or your partner... or yourself.

Today, practice remembering your connection to Infinite Love. Every time you give from that Love, imagine your "Love Account" balance becoming Infinity minus one, which is still Infinity!

When you drop the belief that love is scarce — that it must be divided "fairly" between family members — and you just follow your heart instead, you'll begin to experience that Love really IS infinite.

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right on target

I was just having this converstation with my husband: the more I am willing to open my heart to love the more I have to give.

thank you for this timely posting!


So, my big issue is scarcity.

- Scarcity surrounding food, being able to eat what I want when I want.
- Scarcity surrounding time to do all that I enjoy.
- Scarcity surrounding love--getting as much as I need, and giving out as much as others need.
- Scarcity surrounding wellness and healing from the past.
- Scarcity surrounding clothes that fit.
- Scarcity surrounding acceptance of myself and others in my life.
- Scarcity surrounding being enough for the people I love.

I (think I) believe that love is infinite, yet I don't know about love *through me* being infinite. I've got a lot of resistance that's stopping the flow.

I'm thinking that appreciation might be my key to understanding abundance / infinity in love. But how do I appreciate without feeling guilty (like, "Look how good you have it. It could be worse.")?


3girlz wrote "I'm thinking that appreciation might be my key to understanding abundance / infinity in love. But how do I appreciate without feeling guilty"

This made me think of yesterday's message about how you just need to say goodbye to guilt from a loving place. Thank you guilt, I know in the past you were only try to protect me to feel better, but I don't need you for that any longer. I am choosing to be friends with the abundant supply that is available to all and I am very appreciative of it.

Guilt may creep back and try to befriend you, but you just have to keep reminding him that you are now friends with abundant supply. You have to reframe those voices that have conversations inside your head. Sooner or later, if you remain persistant, you can make a new agreement with yourself that does not involve guilt (i.e. self, there is enough for all and I am grateful.) Having the awareness of these thoughts is the first step and patiently reforming them(it may take many reminders to yourself that you are doing things differently) from a loving place is the second step. Good luck in your unfolding and opening to the infinity of love. I am on the same path with you. I think we all are evolving there. Peace.

2 kinds of love, plus dogs

I agree that the feeling of love is infinite, but isn't love really an action? I think of love as the willingness and determination to help someone to grow (spiritually, emotionally etc.). This takes time, thought, and energy. Although I know that action flows from thoughts and feelings...

My issue of scarcity right now is time and energy. I have a toddler and a baby due in a month. I also have two dogs. I love my dogs, but I am not able to give them what they need right now, I see the sadness and desperation in their eyes and I feel so guilty... and I cannot fathom being able to give them love, attention and exercise when the new baby is here. I've been seriously thinking of finding new homes for them, because I want them to be happy and I want to have time and energy for my children. And I want a peaceful environment. I never lose my temper with my daughter but sometimes with the dogs, I just explode out of helplessness and frustration. The question I've been asking myself is: is my frustration with the dogs something I need to deal with or something I need to eliminate from my life? Is this just a feeling of scarcity or an actual scarcity of time and energy? Is there a difference? Any thoughts??????

Re: dogs

Dogs are pretty adaptable (not to mention they've got the unconditional love thing down pat), but there are many things you can do to make your pets lives a bit more enriching that require little time/energy. Any pet store will sell hard rubber toys that are hollow inside (called kongs). Fill them with peanut butter and put them in the freezer. Our dogs will spend hours trying to lick the peanut butter out of the kong. Also, try rotating the toys you have out for them. When we want to give our dogs some attention without trying too hard, we just get out the brushes and my three and one year old groom the dogs. They all love it!

Even two or three minutes of throwing a ball for them outside will help them expend some energy. You never know, after the baby is born, you may want a few walking buddies. Wear the baby and put the dogs on leashes. You'll all enjoy the exercise.

I've had the same thought many times, that without dogs my life would be easier. This is undoubtedly true. Easier doesn't necessarily equal better though, and our whole family would feel the loss.