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Love Notes To Myself

Ever wish you could go back in time and share the wisdom of your experience with your past self?

"If only I knew then what I know now..."

In your imagination, such time travel is possible and can be healing. But you can do it for real in reverse: share your present wisdom with your future self!

Here's how:

  1. Write a bunch of short, inspiring "love notes" to yourself on small pieces of paper. Say things like "Love is the answer," "All Is Well," "Truth will set you free," "Let go!" etc.
  2. Hide the notes in places where you'll find them unexpectedly in the future — in a cookbook, your car's glove box, a file folder, a coat pocket, etc.
  3. As you hide each one, hold the thought that you'll find it at the precise moment when you'll need to remember that bit of wisdom.

Your child(ren) can play this game, too, and you can also write love notes for each other. There's no right or wrong way — just follow your heart.

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Love Notes - Success Story

I got the following from a reader who gave me her permission to post it here...


I have to tell you about a success I had using your 'love note' idea. I wrote a bunch of them, folded them up and put them in various places, including one in my jacket pocket.

The other day [my 3.5-yr-old son] and I came back from somewhere tired and hungry (both of us) and I knew that if he would just get inside the house, everything would be okay — he could have even just a little food and have his nap and he'd recover. BUT he didn't want to get out of the car. He just sat in his car seat screeching, "Noooo!" (Even though I hadn't even asked him to get out — he wasn't really saying 'no' to any request of mine. He was just feeling in a 'no' kind of mood.)

He really didn't know how to get himself out of the negative groove he was in — his screeching just kept getting louder and longer each time around. And I didn't know what to do either. I was tired and hungry — and very cold, too. I really wanted to get us both inside....

So, I pulled out the love note in my pocket, anticipating something like, "relax" or "take a deep breath" or something I find equally hard to do in such situations. But it said, "Have fun". My first response was, "Yeah right! How on earth can I have fun with this situation and how on earth could it help anyway?" But I took the plunge.

The first thing I did was to join in with the screeching. That got a couple of smiles, but then he asked me to stop — probably because screeching doesn't sound very nice! :) So I had to think of something else. What came to mind was that his loud screeching made my ears fall off. And then I'd put them back on again, and he'd screech some more, and they'd fall off again, etc, etc....

Once I was sure that none of my neighbours were rushing out of their houses to see what child abuse I was committing, I was okay with the continued screeching. But I did want to make some progress towards the house. So the next time my ears fell off, I said I couldn't find them on the ground and asked him if he could help me find them. I was amazed — he very cheerily said that yes, he could and he jumped out of the car to help me look! He looked all around the car. And then I suggested that maybe they rolled onto the path to the house, etc etc. And soon we were in the house, looking in the fridge.

So, thank you for your wonderful idea! I think I will now be able to remember the possibility of having fun in even difficult situations, when it seems impossible. I never would have tried that before...

Re: Love Notes - Success Story

I love this idea! And I love the previous commenter's success story about it (especially since I have a son that age and it was no stretch to vividly imagine the scenario she started out with :O). I will have to give this a try.