The Daily Groove

The Myth of Fairness

There's nothing natural about our notions of fairness.

If you play checkers with a 2-year-old, he won't perceive any unfairness when you randomly take his checkers off the board, nor would he feel the slightest guilt in taking yours.

Such things don't seem unfair until we are taught the arbitrary rules of the game and accept them as "the way things are." Then we feel a sense of violation when the rules are broken: "That's not fair!"

Children often enjoy being "mischievous" because breaking arbitrary rules helps them reconnect with the truth that Authentic Power lies not in the rules but in themselves.

Today, when you observe an apparent injustice, pretend there's no such thing as fair/unfair. It just IS. You'll discover that when there's no injustice to fight against, all that's left to do is reach for your heart's desire.

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