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A Lot Can Change In One Year

Watching children grow is one of the pleasures of parenthood. Some days you wake up and your child appears to have grown a few inches overnight!

But these apparent quantum leaps are in fact the culmination of countless tiny changes, each of which seems insignificant by itself.

Your inner growth as a parent is no different. You wake up one day and realize you've found your groove! You're enjoying parenthood most of the time, and your "bad" days are now better than your "good" days used to be.

And while you'll certainly have "aha!" moments — your inner growth spurts — it's the many, small, day-to-day choices that, over time, transform your path through the wilderness of leading-edge parenting into an easily traveled groove.

Isn't it nice to know that even if you only get 1% "groovier" every day, you'll be 365% groovier in a year?!

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Daily Groove, and to practice seeing the long-term/big picture, I invite you to enjoy these amazing time-lapse videos:

Here's to another year of continually refining your groove, and enjoying it, one day at a time!


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Happy Birthday!

Like your time lapsed examples, I can rewind my own mind-camera and see the evolution of our children and our family; when you look at the first picture and then the latest it's nothing short of revolutionary. Recently, it's particularly noticeable. I'm doing things I would never do before, with or without kids (all legal, of course). I'm just having so darn much fun.

Just the other day we had this great time at a restaurant. You know those little pagers you get in the restaurants that buzz when your food is ready. Well, the other day we had one that was quite strange. It had some holes in it that looked like a speaker and two metal contact thingies that looked like you might get yourself electrocuted. This became the object of all kinds of fun. I dared the kids to stick their finger between the metal pieces. I was the one who finally mustered the 'courage' and stuck my own finger in. If I do say so myself, I thought I was pretty good at flailing around in the restaurant booth. I probably need to work on getting that frothing of the mouth thing down, though. The kids of course ate this up. We also tried to make contact with alien beings. At one point I thought we might try to 'read' the pager's mind before it actually 'told' us that our food was ready. I told the kids that if we walked carefully and slowly toward the food area (so as not to disturb our delicate mind meld) that the food would appear even before the pager went off. Sure enough our food was ready just as we reached the counter. I don't know how the food servers could help but be impressed with our 'telepathic' abilities. I forgot that we were in the presence of grownups for a second and tried to make a last ditch effort to speak with the aliens before giving up our little 'communicator'. I first put it to my ear and then put it to my mouth and vainly tried to speak to the aliens, "Hello little people -- we are here!" I looked up and found myself in front of a waitress. I lamely tried to explain that we were just having a little fun. I didn't see any rolling of their eyes, so I guess they didn't think I was too crazy. In any case, they didn't kick us out. ;)

This is just one of many fun encounters (No pun intended, not of the third kind, anyway.) that we have in our days.

Thanks Scott, for your ever poignant inspiration. And, Happy Birthday Daily Groove!


Compound grooviness

If you get 1% groovier each day, after 365 days you will be over 3678% groovier!

It's kind of like compound interest. Let's say you start (day 0) at a grooviness level of 1 grooviness unit. (Just picked for calculation purposes.) On day 1, you increase 1% and are now at 1.01 grooviness units. On day 2, you increase 1% (of 1.01) and are now at 1.0201 units. Day 3 - 1.030301. When you get to 2 grooviness units (around day 70) you've increased 100%. After 365 days, you are at 37.78343433. That is an increase of 36.78343433 over your original 1 unit, or 3678.343433%.