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The Price of Power (Part 4)

A few days ago I invited readers to send me examples of situations in which they felt powerless, so I could use them to describe the "Daily Groove way" to reconnect with your power. There were too many responses to answer individually, but here's one common thread I noticed:

Confusing "powerless" with "less power than God."

Yes, I'm being a bit facetious, but stay with me...

Some people seem to think they're not powerful unless they can alter the space-time continuum or override the free will of other human beings. (Even God supposedly doesn't mess with free will!)

Rachel in Scotland shared this situation:

"I'm cooking and I hear crying and shouting from another room -- possibly one son attacking the other. I want to immediately go to the boys, but first I need to make the kitchen safe; I cannot be in two places at once; I feel powerless to protect my boys."

I happen to know that Rachel is an intelligent and competent mother, and her frustration is understandable. So all I'm really saying is this: The fact that she can't perform the supernatural act of being in two places at once doesn't mean she is powerless, it just means she isn't God. :)

A lot of the situations readers shared were in the category of dealing with "bad behavior." For example:

"My ex claims he is broke and can never help financially with the little things for our children: swim classes, clothes, Christmas presents, etc. Yet he [travels frequently] while I stay at home and take care of kids. How do I find my power when I feel this is unfair?"
-- Jealous in Minnesota

"I feel powerless with a disrespectful teen daughter and with an always shaming/blaming husband."
-- Wafa in DC

"I feel powerless over my husband who smokes excessively [and doesn't do enough to protect the baby from second-hand smoke]."
-- Louise

"My mum and son both talk to me at the same time. [Drives] me crazzzzzy!!"
-- Nicky in Knutsford

I wish I could give all of you the god-like power to make these people into the perfectly kind, considerate, respectful souls they could be. But I can't. (However I can show you how to change yourself in ways that might inspire them to change themselves.)

The fact that you lack god-like power doesn't mean you lack ALL power. When you consider the power of your MIND -- the power to transform the entire universe of your personal experience by simply taking a new perspective -- you're still pretty damn powerful!

-- You can decide that your ex's hypocrisy is LAUGHABLE.

-- You can conclude that your daughter and husband's disrespectful behavior has nothing to do with you and is just a strategy they use to avoid feeling their DEEP SADNESS.

-- You can decide to leave your smokey husband, or...
-- You can use it as an excuse to spend more time with your baby in nature, breathing ultra-fresh, cleansing air.

-- You can pretend that you're on a game show in which the challenge is to comprehend people talking over each other -- so you can win a "BRAND NEW CAR!!!"

Those are just some random ideas that came to me because I ignored my lack of god-like abilities and focused on my very real power to try on new perspectives. I'm sure you could think of many more.

A new perspective means looking at the same thing from a new angle to create a new experience of it. And since there are infinite angles, there is no limit to the variety of experiences that you can create.

Infinite possibilities. That's powerful!

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Re: The Price of Power (Part 4)

Wonderful! Thank you, Scott. This will give me some additional leverage next time I'm feeling helpless/powerless or when I'm thinking about any other unwanted "what-is". Cool!