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Radical Honesty (Part 1)

Hiding the truth (from yourself and/or others) is a constant energy drain. To free yourself from the burden of secrets and lies, you must cultivate the skill of radical honesty: willingness to reveal any truth, no matter how "unacceptable" it is.

Withholding truth is such an integral part of our culture that you probably don't notice when you're doing it. So, for today, pay close attention to your thoughts and expressions, and continually ask yourself, "Am I being as honest as I could be about that? Is there a deeper truth?"

Examples of "acceptable" dishonesty include saying you're "fine" when you're not, and not saying how you feel about the way your friend treats her child.

When you spot a white lie or withheld truth, notice how it feels in your body — the energy and effort required to distort or ignore your true feelings.

Then imagine being radically honest — telling it exactly like it is. If you could be that honest and keep your heart open, would you?

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Re: Radical Honesty (Part 1)

Thank you for this article. I especially appreciate the last comment "If you could be honest and keep you heart open, would you?" For me that is the next step of learning how to be truthful and loving. Often we are not honest because we fear the power of our emotion, our reaction, or the rejection of others. Part of this conflict is our inability to love ourselves and not judge ourselves for where we are.
It is time that we learn and share the message that love is the more powerful path.