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Get In a Receiving Mode

Being idealistic parents means we do a lot of asking.

When you're upset by your child's behavior, when you fall short of your own ideals, or when you see other parents mistreating their children, your reaction is a kind of asking. You're asking for a more harmonious, parent-friendly, child-honoring world.

Well, you can ask and ask and ask, but you won't receive much of what you're asking for until you stop asking and get in a receiving mode:

  1. Let go of the question and assume the answer is already on its way.
  2. Enjoy your expectation of satisfaction and silently give thanks in advance.
  3. Be willing to wait "forever" for the answer/fulfillment. The longer you're willing to wait, the quicker it will come.

Today, practice getting in a receiving mode as you interact with your children, your peers, and society at large. Can you feel the difference between asking and receiving?


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