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Nothing but Roses

The age-old advice to "stop and smell the roses" is more poignant than ever in these times of over-scheduled, task-driven lifestyles.

As adults, that could mean taking a few minutes a day to appreciate the little things that add sweetness to our lives. But for children, especially the very young, virtually everything is a rose!

Imagine stepping outside and witnessing a total eclipse of the sun that reveals a glorious meteor shower, accompanied by a choir of dogs howling in three-part harmony! Everything is that extraordinary to younger children because they haven’t been around long enough for very many things to seem "ordinary."

So the next time you're in a hurry and your child is "dawdling," remember that s/he is simply smelling the roses.

Let your child inspire you to don your own "beginner's mind" and experience the fresh uniqueness of this "ordinary" moment.

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Re: Nothing but Roses

Scott, I really love this Daily Groove, but I have a flip-side to it: in our family, things that I find to be extraordinarily beautiful, *are* ordinary to my daughter, because we expose her to so much beauty. And that *is* beautiful! For example, there is this cave that is hiking distance from our house. This winter it had the most amazing icicles and frozen waterfall formed inside of it. We went to it several times to see how it changed with the different temperatures. Every time I was blown away by it. My daughter liked it just fine, liked to touch it and explore it, but was not nearly as impressed as I was. For her, it was just another thing we saw along the way. The rocks were just as interesting to her!

And I believe that exquisite beauty should be so commonplace :)