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Say 'Yes' to ANYTHING Your Child Wants!

[NOTE: See the important message at the end of this Groove...]

Today, if you find yourself at odds with your child, try letting go of resistance and saying YES!

For example, if your toddler wants to play with a real chainsaw, you might say, "That sure looks like fun, doesn't it!? Here, let me fire that up for you!"

And don't burden your child with fear-based warnings; trust that s/he is capable of learning from experience. Remember that All Is Well in the big picture — even if someone loses a few body parts.

Most of all, decide to lighten up -- i.e., be enlightened -- and enjoy today in particular, which, in case you forgot, is . . .

April Fools' Day! :P


Um... You got that the chainsaw thing was a joke, right?

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Re: Say 'Yes' to ANYTHING Your Child Wants!

LOL! I just joined and started reading through the archives. What a great note to start off on. Thanks for the great laugh!