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The Power of Silence

Wordless silence is an invitation to direct experience. Unmediated by words. Unfolding in the eternal Now. It's the preferred language of the newborn, and since you were once a newborn, you know it — even if you forgot.

In silence, you can feel your Emotional Guidance more clearly. You can hear your thoughts, and choose them more deliberately. Ten seconds of silence can transform a conversation!

Today, as you interact with your children and others, see how long you can go without speaking. Make a game of it...

  • Talk less but communicate more — non-verbally and intuitively.
  • Use body language and touch instead of words.
  • When you have a question, try to "tune in" to the answer instead of asking for it.
  • If the phone rings while you're "in the zone," ignore it.
  • Mouth: closed. Heart: open.

The object of this game is to have fun discovering how much communication is possible without words — to feel the qualities of Presence and Connection beyond words.

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