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Transcending Worry

Actuality is "what is," in the now.

Possibility is "what could be," in the future.

When you imagine possibilities, wanted or unwanted, you bring them closer to actuality through the Law of Attraction.

If you worry about the possibility of your teenager getting in a car accident or your toddler falling off the slide, you experience it almost as if it were actual, and you put out a vibe that influences them toward actualizing those (or similar) unwanted possibilities.

But when you imagine your teenager getting home safely or your toddler joyfully mastering the slide, you attract those desired possibilities instead.

So it's good to shift from worry to a more positive focus, but the best way to do that is, paradoxically, to allow the worry to be.

When you're willing to be present with the worry — to witness it without judging or resisting it — its underlying source begins to heal.

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Be Present with Worry

I am curious about what this looks like - being present with worry? What is the underlying source? I guess this is an area of stuggle for me and I would like to hear more of your thoughts about it. I sometimes find myself frustrated with others whom I deem to be focusing on what they don't want. How do I see them with compassion and still protect myself from their "worry" energy? And, is there a way to help move someone from a more negative focus to a more positive one without denying their reality.

Re: Be Present with Worry

Frankly, I left out the details of this Groove because a full explanation would require volumes! The underlying source of worry is the belief in scarcity and/or death. [Lengthy metaphysical treatise omitted for brevity.] :)

If you consciously focus your thoughts according to your heart's desires, you need no protection from the negativity of others. However, sometimes it's easier to avoid negative people while you're working on strengthening your ability to focus unconditionally.

To help someone move to a more positive focus, just be yourself (assuming your focus is positive). The idea that you must deny or resist negativity in order to be positive is a holdover from the "dominator" worldview. Challenge yourself to see their negative reality in a positive light. (Example: I appreciate that s/he is FREE to focus negatively.) In other words, "BE the change."

Being present with worry when it arises in you is very much like being present with your child when s/he is upset. These Daily Grooves might help: