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"What's GOOD about that?"

If it's raining, you're supposed to call it "bad weather" and complain.

Complaining makes you feel bad, but you've been led to believe that the source of your angst is the rain — the weather conditions. That's conditionality.

UNconditionality, means wanting so much to feel good that you stop using conditions to justify feeling bad.

One way to practice the Art of Unconditionality in the face of "bad" conditions is to ask yourself, "What's GOOD about that?"

What's GOOD about the rain? It vitalizes the soil and plants... It makes the air smell clean... It's fun to get drenched and then go take a hot bath!

What's GOOD about children "misbehaving"? It means they're trying to engage, explore, connect, create, etc... It means you get to practice loving and feeling good unconditionally, which is the key to your Authentic Power.

Eventually you'll realize it's neither good nor bad — it just IS. Welcome to Reality. :)

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Weather conditions

From a subscriber:

My daughter just made up a song yesterday about rain. I don't remember a lot of it, but part said "I hope it rains on your birthday, so the rain can sing Happy Birthday to you."

Thanks for the timely sentiment!

Sweet! :)